Vicks Vaporub For Toenail Fungus

If you find out you are suffering with nail fungus at home when you have the right medicine on hand. With nail fungus you don’t need to have your treatment done by your medical practitioner; as long as you continue to follow the medication guidelines you’ll find that home treatment is easy and comfortable. Nail fungus is much more common than most people think and if not managed it can be quite contagious. If you live in close proximity with your family or have other people living with you, make sure you don’t share shoes, and other personal items. You can avoid passing on the infection from one person to the next. It might not be a good idea to have a mini fungal epidemic at home.

It is always better to avoid contracting nail fungus However, if you have already caught the infection just keep in mind some simple suggestions in order for you to not further aggravate what you have and to prevent future infections. Whenever you visit public venues like the gym (using shower), sauna or bathing pool, please consider about wearing slippers or sandals. This way, you prevent the spores that live on the water on the ground from going onto your feet. Upon finishing your hobby in any of these places, thoroughly dry your feet.


Q: I have heard that Vicks VapoRub can be helpful in curing toenail fungus. This sounds bizarre! Is there any truth to this? A: Many people with nail fungus say that applying Vicks VapoRub seems

Rub Vicks VapoRub into toes. Toenail Fungus (when toenail is thick/yellow/brittle, generally it’s an the top of the nail). The grooves help to keep the Vicks VapoRub on the toenail. Apply Vicks VapoRub into the nail (directly to the toenail, the cuticle and the underside

About Vicks VapoRub for toenail fungus, I began telling my patients about it. They began using it on their very thick accumulation of hardened fungus. One lady’s was gone within one to two weeks, but it destabilized her great toenail and it is painful.

Vick’s Vaporub can be used to treat nail fungus. TRUTH: One observational study suggests that applying Vick’s VapoRub to the infected toenail daily until it grows out appears to clear the infection in some fungus so are used for only 6 to 12 weeks

Most fungal toenail infections will take months to clear, Vicks Vaporub: Vicks on the soles using on fungus-infected toenails, using Vicks on paper cuts, mosquito and fire ant bites and seborrheic der-matitis. Some folks use Vicks to keep frisky kittens from scratching their legs.

• Home remedies like vinegar, Listerine, Vicks Vaporub, Pearls: uncommon to have finger without toenail involvement; file & mark margin of fungus on nail at completion of tx to monitor success! Risk factors:

Toenail Fungus (when toenail is thick/yellow/brittle, generally it’s an indication of a form of fungus) – Run over the surface of the toenail with a nail file Pregnant/breastfeeding women should discuss the use of Vicks VapoRub with their doctor. It

Applying mentholated ointments such as strong-smelling Vicks VapoRub has been shown to be a safe, cost-effective treatment for toenail fungus, often more effective than over-the-counter products.

Toenail fungus, in particular, is notoriously difficult to treat. Leaves of the toothache plant can be safest method of getting rid of nail fungus is Vicks vaporub. It has been suggested that the menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus in Vicks could be what inhibits or kills the

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