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If you find out you are suffering with nail fungus at home when you have the right medicine on hand. You really don’t need to visit a doctor; as long as you follow the medicine instructions you’ll find that home treatment is effective and comfortable. Nail fungus is much more common than most people believe and can be quite contagious. If you live in close proximity with your family or have other people living with you, make sure you don’t share towels, and other personal items. It is so easy to pass on the fungal infection so It might not be a good idea to have a mini fungal epidemic at home.

It is always better to avoid contracting nail fungus However, if you have already got the infection just keep in mind some simple suggestions in order for you to not further aggravate what you have and to prevent future infections. Whenever you visit public places like the gym (using shower), hot tub or swimming pools, please consider about wearing slippers or sandals. This way, you prevent the fungal infection that live on the water on the ground from going onto your feet. After you finish your activity in any of these places, thoroughly dry your feet.


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The Wartamine product contains the following natural ingredients: Vitamin E, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, and Garlic. Wartamine, castor oil, and aspirin. First, please ensure you have all the required ingredients (a bottle or two of aspirin, castor oil, and of

bath arises, to add the eo’s then to guarantee potency. Chest and Sinus Oil 2 drops Lavender 2 drops Tea Tree Natural Herbs & Remedies Akobi Natural Health Database * Drink apple cider vinegar throughout the day in large glasses of water

2.Apple Cider Vinegar “The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven” ~Thomas Jefferson Sweeten tea and coffee with a more absorbable liquid in a pinch. “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

Chamomile & Apple Cider Vinegar Rosemary & Apple Cider Vinegar Neem Oil & Tea Tree Citronella & Tea Tree Healing Hand Balm 120g $ 12.00 Aftersun Balm 120g $ 12.00 Australian Gifts from $ 2.90 Bubble Bath 250ml $ 7.50 A gentle coconut oil based body wash/liquid soap that gently

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Recommended for a stiz bath. Sitz bath 2 drops tea tree 2 drops sandalwood 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar Mix the essential oils with the castile soap first; then add the soap mixture and the vinegar to your bath water. A sitz bath This valuable oil contains a high percentage of

tea tree or lavender oil. Half & half alcohol/ vinegar. spiced apple cider also helps. Deep, slow breathing-down into your belly. May also push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second, establish a rhythm,

Use apple cider vinegar full strength in a spray bottle at or tea tree oil mixed in with apple cider vinegar/water solution. 60/40 strength for the ACV/water, and half tsp tea tree oil per 500 mls. As

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo – To prevent getting lice, shampoo regularly with tea tree oil shampoo. Tea Tree oil is a natural lice repellent. Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar – mix equals parts of both and saturate hair all the way to the scalp.

WITCH HAZEL AND APPLE CIDER VINEGAR 2/28/2008: Rhoda from Portland, Oregon writes: "I have just administered witch hazel and then diluted ACV to Jackson my golden retreiver. BURROWS SOLUTION & TEA TREE OIL 7/4/2006: Theresia from Roswell Georgia writes,

Apple cider vinegar: A few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the water bottle is supposed to act as a repellant and general tonic. Tea Tree Oil: Spraying you rabbit with tea tree oil will alleviate the itching but it will not get rid of the mites.