Apple Cider Vinegar Nail Fungus Treatment

It is simple to cure nail fungus at home if you have the right remedy on hand. You really don’t need to have your treatment done by your medical practitioner; as long as you can be consistent with your medication you’ll find that home treatment is simple and comfortable. You might actually be quite surprised how common nail fungus is You would actually be surprised just how common nail fungus is than most people think and can be quite contagious. If you live in close proximity with your family or have other people living with you, make sure you don’t share shoes, and other personal items. It is so easy to pass on the fungal infection so It might not be a good idea to have a mini fungal epidemic at home.

Prevention might be a good idea to cure nail fungus at home when it only started. However, if you have already contracted the infection just keep in mind some simple suggestions in order for you to not additionally aggravate what you have or to prevent another infections. If you visit public venues like the gym (using shower), hot tub or swimming pools, think about wearing slippers or sandals. By doing this simple thing, you prevent the spores that multiply in the water on the ground from going on your feet. After you finish your sport in any of these places, thoroughly dry your feet.


Parasites and fungus, etc. The Budwig program includes juices as they are rich in natural enzymes as well as daily intake of natural and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar drink can contain up to 10 teaspoon of white refined sugar and don’t forget that if you put a nail in

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Protocol for Nail Fungus Page 20 Protocols for Babies and Children Page 21 Protocols for Dogs and than hydrochloric acid tablets or apple cider vinegar because it trains your body to produce more acid at the right time. Directions: 45 minutes before your meals do the following:

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Prevent re-occurring fungus growth. With all the creams, The metal could scratch the nail providing niches for the fungus to collect and breed. Soak your feet for ten minutes a day in a 50/50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water for up to ten days or until symptoms

Effective cure for nail fungus, is actually just vinegar in gel form. It’s effective because the gel form helps it stay in place longer than the liquid form. apple cider vinegar over the stomach and lying down . Replace it with another warm

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For water treatment (Note: liquid bleach degrades at 20% per year, temp dependent) Clorox, Apple cider vinegar It destroys a variety of disease causing organisms including bacteria, yeast, fungus, spores,

Over the past 25 years,” said William J. Walsh, Ph.D., Physician, biochemist and chief scientist of the Pfeiffer Treatment Center One quick way to restore acidity is to drink a teaspoon of raw, unfiltered, apple-cider vinegar every hour or so until desired acidity is

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